‘MisAdventures of Miss Lilly’ #1 & #2 by Kalan Chapman Lloyd

Long time no chick lit for me… but BookBub happened, and here I was a few days ago, enjoying the cute Misadventures of Miss Lilly, ‘Home Is Where Your Boots Are’ and its sequel, ‘These Boots Are Made For Butt-Kickin’.

Home Is Where Your Boots Are

An easy read for a sunny spring, quite perfect for a break from your busy everyday life. The story introduces a successful big city lawyer, who has decided to drive back to her town and loving family, after a painful broken engagement. The moment she steps into Brooks and the home feeling settles, the ‘misadventures’ of Lilly and her army of friends begin. Her high-school crush, Cash, asks her to represent him as a divorce lawyer, only to later discover the dead body of his soon-to-be ex spouse. Not being able NOT to dig for the truth, Lilly becomes a private investigator and in her mission to reveal the killer, she gets into trouble, and almost gets herself killed. Oh! and ends up shooting Cash. (Where… I’m not gonna say, just in case you’ll decide to pick up this book from the shelf and see for yourself.) For the sweet revenge of letting her leave him a decade before to enrol to law school in Texas; she escapes jail though, becoming a town hero for ‘punishing’ the bad boy, Cash  🙂

These Boots Are Made For Butt-Kickin

Same lawyeresque-turned-into-detective spirit from Lilly and her powerful girl-friends. Same family bond assuring her that whatever she was up to, they would always be there for her. Same gun moments, jail visits, and unexpected discoveries. Different crime scene, though, as she is appointed as another divorce attorney by a wealthy wife, whom Lilly finds dead. Again, in her pursuit of finding the truth, she gets into trouble.. and even gets herself very close to being killed again. However, the happy ending that underlies the narrative almost begs for a heroic rescue and some very convenient appearances exactly when the protagonist is in danger. Well, a chick lit story needs its own Price Charming, or in this case, two, as Lilly is saved by Spencer, an ex FBI undercover agent turned lawyer. With Cash recovering in rehab after Lilly’s sweet revenge, she needs time to let the dust settle to give him the long awaited forgiveness for lying to her.

Personal Note

I am not a huge reader of the genre, as I generally aim for the books that address more complex issues and actually challenge the way I think (although I’m not saying chick lit cannot achieve that), but something tells me that sooner rather than later I will get to know what comes next for Lilly and her friends! In a few books’ time, I will probably open another Kalan Chapman piece of work. In the end, a little sass never hurt anyone. Nor a little glam or a dressing room full of designer clothes, stilettos and boots. Loads of boots.

What I loved about this series was the beauty and genuineness of Lilly’s family and friends. That kind of crazy, devoted, extended family living together, supporting each other unconditionally and spreading the assurance that each one is loved, cared for, cherished, and very fortunate of having been born an Atkins. Also, her army of funny, riotous, loyal and very independent friends, who would have each one’s back anytime, just makes you wish you were one of them.

Favourite Quotes

They say the first half of your life is spent trying to escape a small town and the other half is spent trying to get back there. I was apparently starting my mid-life crisis early.

And then it hit me. They wouldn’t. They wouldn’t be disappointed in me. They might yell; they might chastise. But most likely, they’d take me into their fold, stroke my hair and dry my tears. The whole town that has raised me might judge me, but they’d also love me anyway.

They all stood there, each arranged in their distinctive cocky pose, game faces on. The unnecessary troops called in to stand guard. My friends are just like yours. Only prettier. And scarier. Like a hormonal, big haired, pistol-packing gang.






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